Posted by : Kyisha Long 26.3.15
Parenthood is certainly a challenge for women who need to get used to the idea that they will have less time for their own activities. Of course, devoting your time on taking care of your kids requires a lot of efforts and patience and every mother is well familiar with all the sleepless nights and hours spent in educating her lovely creatures. One of the most common questions that mothers ask themselves is how to find time for other activities in between the busy schedule. And more particularly how to steal a couple of hours in which to maintain their outstanding appearance and to provide some cosmetic procedures in home conditions.

You have probably learned some tricky ways in which to take your time and to dedicate it to yourself, however, you must admit that the most appropriate time for taking up with your own activities is while the kids sleep. Now roll up sleeves and be prepared to start with your beauty marathon:

Wash Your Hair and Choose a Wonderful Mask

Your kids' afternoon nap is certainly the best time to devote on some procedures that will make your hair glowing and shiny. After washing it with your favorite shampoo, you can choose a mask that is suitable for your type of hair. In case you have enough time, you can choose a modern hairstyle and to fix it with the help of the diffuser, thanks to which, you can easily make your hair look gorgeous.

Take Care of Your Face

If you have wondered when is the most appropriate time to experiment with a homemade mask or scrub for your face, benefit from the free hours while your kids are asleep and choose the utmost care for your face. You do not need to buy some of those expensive masks that often turn out to be ineffective. In case you have limited time for the beauty procedures, you can prepare the mixture before the kids go to sleep, without bothering with further preparations later.

Think of The Appearance of Your Nails

It is true that busy mothers are usually too preoccupied with other activities and cannot spend hours in the cosmetic salons, however, this does not mean to forget about the fact that every self-respecting lady needs to maintain a nice short manicure that will make her hands look elegant and feminine. For that reason, do not hesitate to choose a fresh and brand new color for your nails and to maintain their shape and size on a regular basis.

Make Some Exercises to Stay Fit

If you want to take the free time only for yourself you can also think of practicing some exercises while the children are still sleeping. All you need is a spacious and quiet room where you can ensure excellent relaxation for your body and mind. You do not have to fall for complex exercises but to stick to those ones that will release the tension from your muscles. Equip yourself with comfortable clothes and leave at least 30 minutes for your training session.

Now that you are acquainted with some wonderful ideas for taking the time for yourself while the kids are asleep, you can prepare yourself for the beauty procedures and to wait for the right moment to come. Do not forget that apart from being a mother, you also need to look feminine and elegant and to take care of your appearance. Supply yourself with the right products and call a friend to make this experience funnier and more exciting. Benefit from the freedom that you have and use the hours to relax in the most appropriate way.

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