Posted by : Kyisha Long 24.9.13

Whew! I can finally say that I made it, made it through the grueling task of making this list. I've spent weeks researching subscription boxes to add to the ones I already know of. The researching was the fun part; the typing it all out was the tiring part.

Not to forget to mention that I've been busy with other lifely things that I waste too much time on. The point of this list is for reference for anyone that's curious of what other subscription boxes are out there. I put every subscription box into a category that will make it easier for you to sort out. The ones that didn't fit anywhere resides in the "Misc" section.

Enjoy and if there's any boxes that I'm missing or mistakes, please leave a comment and I will add them to the list.

1. BoxyCharm features 5-7 full size brand name products, hand selected by their team of beauty experts. Cost: $21.

2. BirchBox delivers high-end beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples. Cost: $10.

3. PopSugar hand-selects items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food to send to you each month. Cost: $35.

4. BeautyArmy lets you choose up to 6 products each month. Cost: $12.

5. NewBeauty let's you try new and exclusive beauty products. Cost: $29.95 +shipping.

6. Ipsy sends out 4 to 5 beauty products in a collectible makeup bag. Cost: $10.

7. GlossyBox sends five surprise luxury beauty products. Cost: $21.

8. True Beauty Box is filled with approximately $60 worth of the best in all natural and cruelty-free cosmetics and body care. Cost $29.95.

9. Starbox let's you try the entire Star Looks makeup line. Cost: $15 +shipping.

10. MakeupMonthly. Every month receive high quality products from leading cosmetic companies.Cost: $30.

11. Luxe Box. Discover new and upcoming beauty products from premium brands every season. Cost: $26.

12. Kara's Way. Every month they gather a mix of 5-8 eco friendly, organic, free trade and/or vegan beauty product samples for their boxes. Cost: $15.

13. GoodeBoxReceive 6-7 trial sized products, expertly curated and delivered to your door. Cost: $16.

14. Beauty Box 5 is a beauty sampling program that delivers a box filled with 4-5 cosmetic samples to your door every month. Cost: $12.

15. iBbeautiful: "We aim to spread this message by helping you to feel more comfortable & confident in your own skin by introducing you to brands and products that have a positive and inspirational message and purpose." Cost: $18.

16. Petit Vour hand-picks vegan beauty & grooming products. Cost: $15.

17. Ali's Bling Box. Receive a variety of beauty products. Cost: $30.

18. My Shade of Brown. Each month you’ll receive a beautiful box with 4 – 5 premium beauty product samples that are sensitive to the beauty needs of women of color. Cost: $10 +shipping.

19. The Natural Beauty BoxAll samples in The Natural Beauty Box are at least 95% natural and 50% organic. Cost: $29.95.

20. Fortune Cookie Soap BoxAll subscription boxes will include 8-9 exclusive FCS products in mini-sizes. Cost: $19.99 +shipping.

21. Green Grab BagDiscover and try natural, organic and vegan beauty products from the best companies in the business. Cost: $15.

22. ChicShaveSelect the ChicShave razor you like best for less than in the store. Cost: $9.

23. OneRadiant. Discover your ideal skincare. Cost: $36 for 3 boxes.

24. GrabBagLove. Bags filled with beauty products. Cost: $22.99-$27.99.

25. OAANDP. Bath and body products free of sulfates and parabens. Cost: $15 +shipping.

26. My Kandy Box specializes in delivering 4-5  items to your doorstep each month. Cost: $12.95.

27. My Big Day Box. Discover beauty products in the skincare, haircare, dental, fitness and makeup industry. Cost: $24.95.

28. From the LabIn the first week of each month you will receive up to three unique and innovative beauty selections. Cost: $19.95 +shipping.

29. Black Girl Beauty is a subscription based online beauty product sampling service that specializes in finding the products which make women of color look and feel their best. Cost: $20.

30. Angel Beauty Box. Receive a box each month that caters to your every beauty need. Cost: $20.

31. The All Natural Face mission is to provide you with the best mineral cosmetics possible. Cost: $15.

32. Miatempo. A monthly care package of natural and organic spa and beauty products. Cost: $39.95.

33. Sahshe's mission is to provide women of color with a fun, convenient, and affordable way to optimize their hair care, skin care, and cosmetics regimens. Cost: $12.

34. SaladBox. Get four or more deluxe samples from the best beauty and lifestyle brands worldwide. Cost: Php500.00 or around $12 USD +shipping.

35. LustHaveIt. 5-6 deluxe samples each 3 months delivered to your door. Cost: $19.95.

36. Wishbox gives you special items every month. Cost: $29.99.

37. Wantable. Discover new makeup, jewelry, and fashion accessories. Cost: $36.

38. VeganCuts Beauty Box. Discover cruelty-free brands. Cost: $19.95.

39. BDJ Box. Beauty surprise products. Cost: around $14.

40. NatReview is a subscription box service that focuses on quality eco-friendly beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products. Cost: $20.

41. GlamourDoll Eyes. Eye shadow subscriptions. Cost: $5.94.

42. No More Dirty Looks hopes to  reawaken this fun tradition of self-care while also showing that clean, organic ingredients—whether combined at home in your kitchen or by trusted, luxurious beauty brands—are all you need to look and feel your best. Cost: $25.

43. LipFactory. Affordable makeup subscription. Cost: $22.

44. Mugler Addict. Receive Deluxe and Trial Sizes of Thierry Mugler must-haves and new fragrance creations delivered to your doorstep. Cost: $12.50.

45. Kismet is a new hybrid subscription box – it’s equal parts beauty and DIY! Each month they send you all the materials and instructions you will need to make your own beauty products! Cost: $23.95.

46. Discover With Marta subscription includes 6 personally curated and exciting deluxe skincare & haircare sample collections per year. Cost: $24.

47. E.L.F includes $40+ of top-rated mystery products curated by e.l.f. makeup artists. Cost: $26.90.

48. SaffronRouge. Receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world. Cost: $24.99.

49. Cloud9. Receive a box filled with samples of hand selected chocolates, beauty products and unique treats every month delivered to your mail box. Cost: $15.

50. Dazzley box includes a mix of beauty, food, or innovative products delivered to you each month. It always includes at least one piece of jewelry. Cost: $24.99.

51. My Muse BoxReceive a beauty box that gives back and brings you the best in international beauty trends with a My Musebox bi-monthly subscription. Cost: $29.99.

52. ShaveMob. Save up to 70% compared to comparable premium men’s and women’s razors. Cost: $2+.

53. Blush. Sign-up for the blush Mystery Beauty Box and get the latest and greatest skin care, hair care, and makeup products delivered to your door each month. Cost: $24.95.

54. BeautySage. Each themed box is packed with products proven to solve specific beauty concerns. Bonus: They make the perfect gift! Cost: $12.

55. Eco Emi. Five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan, vegetarian or Fair Trade products. Cost: $15

1. WhimseyBox. Get started making again with a craft subscription box to the best in DIY and craft. Cost: $15.

2. KnitCrate. Curated knitting surprises. Cost: $55 for beginner kit.

3. For The Makers. Create DIY pieces that you'll love now and for seasons to come. Cost: $29.

4. Craftistas. A DIY kit is sent to your doorsteps. Cost: $24.

5. BritKits. Fun and easy DIY projects. Cost: $19.99.

6. CraftersCrate. A monthly box of craft kits for girls. Cost: $19.99 +shipping.

7. Yarnbox. Yarn shipped to you monthly. Cost: $39.

8. ChicMaker. Receive a trendy DIY jewelry kit delivered right to your door. Cost: $29.90.

9. ProjectDIY. Fashion and DIY accessories. Cost: $30.

10. Carefree Crafts delivers monthly craft kits to kids. Cost: $14.95.

11. BariBox is a hand picked paper-crafting product subscription service. Cost: $18.

12. Kismet is a new hybrid subscription box – it’s equal parts beauty and DIY! Each month they send you all the materials and instructions you will need to make your own beauty products! Cost: $23.95.

13. Acme Crafts offers a different themed craft subscription box each month. Cost: $38.

14. Lullubee is a subscription box includes ideas, inspiration, quality supplies, easy to understand instructions, and an artistic surprise in every monthly kit. Cost: $34.

15. Paper Pumpkin is a new paper craft subscription box that delivers new projects to your every month. Each box includes all the stamps, ink, paper, and accessories to create pinable projects. Stuff like cards, 3-D items, and more. Cost: $19.95.

16. GiggleBoxAn interactive box packed full of adventures for your child to dive in to!  Loaded with numerous crafts and activities that will have your child giggling all month long. Cost: $29.99.

1. JulepFirst access to the latest color & beauty trends. Cost: $19.99.

2. Squarehue. Fresh nail color delivered monthly. Cost: $14.99 +shipping.

3. Nail Art Society. Nail art kits. Cost: $9.95 +shipping.

4. Glitter Guilty includes one full size “Monthly Me” polish- a polish made specifically according to your profile. Cost: $15.99.

5.  Color Me Monthly. Each box contains a surprise color that's always in-season and in-style. Cost: $7.

6. PistolPolish. Once you sign up, two full-size nail polishes are carefully selected based on color trend studies and delivered to your door every month.. Cost: $17.99.

7. GoScratchIt was born out of the simple idea that nail wraps are really cool but most of the designs currently out there are not. Scratch works as a platform for creatives of all backgrounds to share their art through a new medium and grow their audience. Cost: $25 for the first box.

8. BlackBox every month you’ll receive the latest nail colors and looks... along with tips, tools and occasional bonuses every month. Cost: $19.99 +shipping.

9. Bondi. Each month, receive the latest on trend nail colors. Cost: $19.99.

10. GlitterDaze is and artisanal line of hand-blended nail polish. Cost: $13.

11. I.N.N BoxReceive a curated three collection each month. Cost: $24.50.

1. Klutch Club is a monthly subscription company that provides over $50 worth of health and wellness products. Cost: $18 +shipping.

2. 28 Day Hug sends you a nice care pack every 28 days. Cost: $4 +shipping or PMS Pro $44.99.

3. PumpUps. Discover new supplements each month. Cost: $20.

4. GetJuniper. Tampons and Kotex shipped by mail. Cost: $28.

5. My Cotton Bunny is the monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with goodies to get you through your cycle. Cost: $16.

6.  YuzenBox. They will send you a little Zen for every season – a different box of Yuzen surprises for summer, fall, winter, and spring. Cost: $33 quarterly.

7. StrideBox is a monthly subscription box for runners that delivers an assortment of running accessories, gear, and nutritional products to your door each month. Cost: $15.

8. RunnerBox is a subscription based box for runners, triathletes and other active people. Cost: $20 +shipping.

9.  LeParcel is a time of the month subscription box. Cost: $15.

10. My Platinum Box ships you a box packed with cutting edge supplement samples, health snacks & workout promos monthly. Cost: $14.

11. BuluBox is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Cost: $10.

12. Blissmo. Discover safer, healthier personal care & food products. Cost: $19.95 +shipping.

13. DoctorBox. A health box chosen by doctors for your specific condition​​. Cost: $34.95.

14. The HolBox. Developing a healthy relationship with nature. For hair, body, health, and household. Cost: $25.

15. BonjourJolie is designed exclusively for women to be pampered during their period. Cost: $16 +shipping.

16. BikeLoot. For your cycling lifestyle. Cost: $13.95.

17. HelloFloTampons, pads, and candy delivered right to your door. Simplified, period. Cost: $14.

18. KonaKase. Fuel your active lifestyle. Cost: $15.

19. JackedPack. A good way to discover supplements. Cost: $11.99.

20. Daily Dose Of Green. The fun way to go green. Cost: $15.

21. Sparaj is a discovery service to explore new products outside of the US market. Each month, Sparaj will prepare a custom gift box that will include a mix of wellness products unique to Asia. Cost: $40.

22. Fabletics. Workout clothes for your fitness needs. Each month, you'll find new outfits hand-selected just for you and your workouts. Cost: $49.95.

23. The Period Store. Customize your own package with eco-friendly products. Cost: $15.

24. Jacked In A Box. Get the latest fitness supplements. Cost: $15.

25. TruBrain. Access your brain’s full potential with truBrain. The truBrain blend of cognitive nutrition is designed to address the fundamental components of brain chemistry by stimulating blood flow to deliver oxygen and nourishment to the brain and create optimal conditions for: Attention Span, Sustained Energy, Complex Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Memory. Cost: $125.
great chocolate, a little tea, and a nice body care treat like an aromatherapy shower tablet. - See more at:

1. Sock Panda sends you fun socks every month. Cost: $11.

2. StitchFix. Each item comes with styling tips on how to dress it up or down. Cost: $20 stylist fee that is later credited towards anything you want to keep.

3. HauteLegsStay in step with the latest trends in legwear. Cost: $28 for 2 pairs and $36 for 3 pairs.

4. Shoe Dazzle is for women who lust after shoes. Cost: $39.95.

5. PantyByPost. Pretty panties delivered monthly. Cost: $25.

6. Discover Pique is your one stop shop to discovering the world’s most innovative, fashion-forward brands and styles in Tights, Stay-Ups, Socks, Stockings & Leggings. Cost: $19.

7. Ditsies. Luxury underwear club. Cost: $12.

8. AdoreMe. Quality lingerie. Cost: $39.95.

9. PopBasic. Limited edition micro collections. Cost: $50-$100 each month.

10. LeTote. Unlimited apparel & accessory rentals. Cost: $49.

11. UmCheeky. A panty subscription service. Cost: $9.

12. Monthly Hot Spot Shirt. T-shirts for the best bars in North America. Cost: $20.

13. Volupties brings you some of the best undies from well known plus size manufactures that you already know and love while exploring some brands that we know that you'll love in time. Cost: $12.

14. GoldenTote. Surprise gift bag. Cost: $49 +shipping.

15. Splendies. 3 pairs of quality underwear sent each month. Cost: $8.

16. Ozone Socks. Fashionable socks. Cost: $150 for a year of 13 pairs of socks.

17. Foot Cardigan delivers one random pair of crazy socks to your mailbox every month. Cost: depends on how you want your package.

18. Elizabeth&Clarke. Get designer quality blouses and tees delivered each season. Cost: $30.

19. ZocksterReceive amazing socks to your door, automatically.  All Zockster socks are made from bamboo. Cost: $7.

20. Nina GarciaThe theme will be all things fashion, but of course, fashion is influenced by culture so expect to find those elements as well. Cost: $100.

21. Coco will be sending subscribers her handpicked favorites for fashion, fitness, and femininity. Cost: $50.

22. Fit Fashionista is a monthly workout gear clothing subscription. Cost: $49.95 +shipping.

23. Coco Rocha. This box typically includes fashion oriented items. Cost: $39 +shipping.

1. BeautyBox. Gift boxes packed with fresh and unique handmade products. Cost: $30 +shipping.

2. FairIvy. Hand wrapped handmade gifts. Cost: $25-$40 +shipping.

3. Indie Gift Box. Handmade and small business goodies. Cost: $20 +shipping.

4. UmbaBoxReceive monthly packages of 2-3 modern and whimsical women's handmade products. Cost: $25.

5. DottieBox is a box curated every month for women. Cost: $20 +shipping.

6. Sampler Zibbet is filled with awesome samples from Awesome Zibbet Shops! Jewelry, crochet, bath, beauty, candles, soap, photography, and SO much more!! Cost: $20.

7. MakrBoxA monthly box of incredibly useful and uniquely fun household products created by talented makers, craftsmen and designers. Cost: $29 +shipping.

8. Box Of Happies is a unique gift-giving experience that is literally full of surprises. Cost: $28.99.

9. The Tethered Crate offers its members monthly shipments of goods from respected contributors within the handmade community. Cost: $19.95.

10. Artisan Goddess is a subscription-based program aimed at introducing women to new cultures. Cost: Undecided as for now.

11. Poppy Parcel. Surprise items.Cost: $19.99.

12. Sweet Delight. Handmade items made by small businesses. Cost: $36.

13. Out of the Box SamplerThe boxes overflow with items like melts, scrubs, bath, body, tarts, candles, gourmet foods, jewelry, coupons, discounts, cards and much more, from some of the best e-tailers on the web. Cost: $22.

14. Sampler VillageThe boxes are available for purchase on the 21st of each month and each having a different theme and different samples from the last. Cost: $25.

1. HorseBox. An exclusive monthly subscription service that delivers high quality equestrian products to your door. Cost: $30.

2. BarkBox. A monthly box of dog goodies. Cost: $29.

3. BestfriendBox. You will receive a new package of 3-6 hand picked products you and your furry friend are sure to love every month. Cost: $30.

4. Pets Love Toys. A box for dogs. Cost: $19.95.

5. Woof Wag PlayEach month, you and your four-legged best friend will receive a Woof Wag Play box filled with 5-8 items such as all natural treats, top-quality toys, and other goodies. Cost: $29.

6. Treats And Trends delivers monthly gifts to pets and their owners. Cost: $34.95.

7. Kasten Pets is a monthly box uniquely designed and tailored for your dog's size, needs and entertainment. Cost: $37.

8. Poop Buddy. Instead of driving to the pet store and looking through hundreds of pet products, we make it convenient to reduce your dog's carbon footprint.Cost: $10.

9. Good Day Dog is a monthly dog collar subscription, where each month customers are surprised with a new collar. Cost: $15.

10. Doggie Lawn.  For one low monthly price, your dog gets a never-ending supply of fresh grass, and you get the satisfaction of knowing your dog can “go” when they want - day or night, rain or shine. Cost: $50.

11. BugsyBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Get treats and toys curated for your dog's size. Cost: $29.

12. LitterOne is a perfect choice for eco-conscious cat lovers. Cost: $24.95.

1. StorkStack. Every month StorkStack will deliver a special Stack to your door filled with 5 favorite, deluxe products selected by their team of Moms. Cost: $27.99.

2. Citrus Lane. Get a surprise box of the best products for your child every month. Cost: $25.

3. Babbaco delivers age appropriate activities for kids 3-7. Cost: $19.99.

4. WittleBee is a kids clothing club. Cost: $39.99 +shipping.

5. The Happy Trunk. Hands on projects and activities. Cost: $19.95.

6. Little Pnuts. Hands curated toys. Cost: $25.

7. Little Passports. Packages arrive in the mail filled with letters, stickers, souvenirs, photos & more! Cost: $11.95.

8. Green Kid Crafts is home of award winning and earth friendly art boxes for kids. Cost: $19.95.

9. BluumA monthly box of new goodies for mom & baby. Cost: $24.95

10. MighteeKids allows parents to teach their kids about less fortunate friends. $5 is donated to the charity they learn about. New charity supported monthly. Cost: $18.50 +shipping.

11. Picky Bunny. 4 pieces of brand new kids clothing every month. Cost: $45.

12. KidStash. Inspire your child. Cost: $27.99.

13. The Crowded Tub. Healthy and fun children bath products. Cost: $29.95.

14. Binkabox is a monthly box of premium children's products Cost: $13 +shipping.

15. DiaperDabbler. Diaper sample packs. Cost: depends on what pack you want. the newborn pack is $19.

16. LittleEcoFootprint. Each month a box full of goodies will be delivered to your doorstep with the highest quality products for both baby and you. Cost: $29 +shipping.

17. Technology&Toys. A shipment of toys and technology. Cost: $50.

18. Incredibundles offers three different 1-year subscriptions for babies and toddlers: A year of books, a year of toys, and a year of diapers. The bundles ship in installments four times a year. Cost: $719 for a year of diapers, $495 for a year of toys, and $395 for a year of books.

19. A Little Bundle. Every bundle consists of four or more carefully hand-selected products for both the mother and child. Cost: $42.

20. Sweet Pea Box. Get a box of designer clothes for your little one(s). Cost: $30.

21. Twinkle Clothes. Kids quality clothing delivered right to your door that's inexpensive and  convenient. Cost: $35.99.

22. Spark Box Toys. Educational toys for your child. Cost: $35.95.

23. Honest. Perfect for parents, The Honest Company monthly subscription service delivers everything you need for you and your little one directly to your door. Cost: $39.95 +shipping.

24. M Is For Monster is a monthly subscription box that delivers weekly, themed preschool learning activities with all the supplies included. Cost: $32.95.

1. NatureBox. Discover new nutritionist-approved snacks every month. Cost: $19.95.

2. Healthy Surprise. Look and feel great - delicious and healthy snacks arrive automatically. Cost: $33 +shipping.

3. SprigBox is a monthly subscription service that provides delicious, 100% gluten-free snacks curated by people who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Cost: $18.97 +shipping.

4. PaleoPax. Paleo snacks delivered monthly. Cost: $18.

5. Yumvelope. You'll receive 6 or more full-sized all-natural products from little-known food manufacturers around the country. Cost: $21.

6. Love With Food. Every sale, they donate a meal to a hungry child. Cost: $12.

7. WellyBox is a curated box filled with an assortment of organic snacks & eco-friendly products that we deliver to your home, office or your friends & family as gifts. Cost: $22 +shipping.

8.  ConsciousBox. Discover the healthiest and most eco-friendly products every month. Cost: $19.95.

9. GoBites Replenish your body with these healthy snacks. Cost: $27.86.

10. gFreely. Gluten free snacks. Cost: $24 +shipping.

11. Bestowed. All hand-picked by celebrity nutritionist and author Heather Bauer. Cost: $19.

12. VeganCuts. A monthly subscription box that delivers vegan goodies right to your door. Cost: $19.95.

13. Peckish.Co. Healthy snacks delivered to your desk. Cost: $14.99.

14. Happy Belly Box is full of allergy-free friendly foods. Cost: $24.99.

15. Graze. Delicious, healthy snacks. Cost: $5.

16. Boxtera. Smart healthy snacks. Cost: $35 +shipping.

17. WatanutDiscover sensational trail mixes, nuts, granola and dried fruit. Cost: $25.

18. Munchit. Weekly healthy snacks. Cost: $3.58.

19. Goody Gorilla. Quality snacks and foods delivered. Cost: $15.

20. TasteGuru. Gluten-free snacks. Cost: $24.99.

21. Sunlite Snacks. Healthy snacks. Cost: $17.95.

22. Green Fork N Spoon. All the products they include in the box are non-GMO and organic. Cost: $29.

23. TreatBox. Get a box of individual size surprise snacks and treats, customized for your diet, delivered straight to your door every month. Cost: $24.99 +shipping.

24. Health Trunk features new items each month from our favorite healthy living brands. Cost: $29.

      Subscribe to Healthy Surprise to receive a curated box each month filled with the best full size snacks on the planet.       Cost: $33 +shipping.

1. LootCrate. 6 to 8 hand-picked epic products. Cost: $13.37 +shipping.

2. BootyBin. Premium booty delivered monthly. Cost: $24 +shipping.

3. NerdBlock. A monthly mystery geek package. Cost: $19.95 +shipping.

1. PairingsBox is a curated food and music discovery. Cost: $25 +taxes and fees.

2. HelloFreshEvery week their chefs create amazing recipes for you that are easy to prepare. Cost: $69.

3. PixieBar. Monthly recipe box. Cost: $20.

4. Trade As One helps you make a positive difference in the lives of the poor with your day to day spending. Every three months, you’ll receive a curated selection of high quality, ethically sourced, and healthy products. Cost: $99 every 3 months.

5. Gourmet Spotting is a monthly gourmet food subscription box. Each month they curate a box of artisan food from around the world. Cost: $29.99 +shipping.

6. Home Grown Collective. Delivering a homegrown lifestyle. Cost: $39 +shipping.

7. PeachDish provides a meal that is both healthy, convenient and fun. Cost: $20.

8. MittenCrate hand selects only the most delicious Michigan made items, and ship them directly to your front door, every month. Cost: $35.

9. Blue Apron. Originally worn by apprentice chefs in France, the Blue Apron has become a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking. Cost: $9.99 per person, per meal.

10. Try The World. Subscribe to a tour around the world and receive a gourmet box from a different city every 60 days, delivered to your door. Cost: $45.

11. YankeeHollow is a subscription box company that sends you artisan cheese each month. Cost: $35.

12. HeatSeekerClub. With every box you'll receive one different, curated hot sauce. Cost: $14.95.

13. World Dinner Club makes regular deliveries to home chefs who enjoy the flavors of the world in the comfort of their own home; now through a quarterly food box delivery service. Cost: $34.95.

14. Batch Nashville is a monthly subscription box that only sends locally-made goods. Every month they send you delicious goodies straight from Nashville. Cost: $30.

15. Gourmet Trunk features new items each month from the best gourmet lifestyle brands. Cost: $29.

16. BBQ Trunk features new items each month from the best hand-picked brands. Start grilling like a pro. Cost: $29.

17. PlatedYou choose a chef-designed recipe. We deliver the fresh ingredients. You cook a delicious meal. Cost: $58.

18. Coffee Cake Of The MonthEvery month, you’ll get a new flavor shipped to your door for you to enjoy. Flavors include Apple Caramel Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake, Double Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake, and more! Cost: $61.75.

19. NY Bagel Of The Month Club. Get freshly baked, genuine New York bagels delivered every month with a subscription to the New York Bagel of the Month Club. Choose from one of their bagel packages including: The Brooklyn Basics ($18/month) – 12 Fresh New York Bagels. Get a random assortment or choose your own! The Sweet Deal ($38.95/month) - Get a variety of sweet, signature New York desserts like Rainbow Cookie Bars, Philly Fluff, and more. Brooklyn Bagel Chips ($10/month) - The perfect and lightly baked Brooklyn Bagel chips that are perfect alone or with a dip.

20. Bacon Of The Month Club. Different flavors of thick slices of gourmet bacon at your door each month. Cost: $49.95.

1. Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Cost: $45.

2. Trunk Club carries more than 50 brands of higher-end men's casual wear. Cost: you pay for what you keep.

3.  Mystery Tackle Box. A monthly box stuffed with baits trusted by professional anglers. Cost: $15.

4. Underwear Nation. Underwear from around the world. Cost: $25.

5. 12 Society. Every month you will receive hand-picked goodies from your favorite celebrities and athletes. Cost: $39.

6. Five Four Clothing. Get styles before anyone else plus exclusive promotions.Cost: $60.

7. ManpacksMen's underwear, socks, razors, condoms and more. Cost: varies with selection every quarter.

8. Curator And MuleEach season, they find accessories that make you stand out from the crowd. Cost: $60.

9. Dollar Shave Club. A great shave for a few bucks a month. Cost: $1 +shipping.

10. HisKit is a new and exciting subscription service designed for guys. Cost: $12.

11. Urban Cargo s a place for men to find the best in skincare, hair care and shaving without having to face the war zone that's called a "shopping mall". Cost: $17.95.

12. BombFell is a monthly clothing subscription designed entirely for men. Cost: pay for what you keep.

13. Black Socks. Choose the type of sock and how often you wish to receive a shipment and be free of any sock sorrows. Cost: $89.

14. Clean Undie Club. Monthly underwear subscription for men. Cost: $7.99.

15. TackleGrab. Hand-picked baits. Cost: $5 for the first month.

16. BirchBox eliveries of high-end grooming and lifestyle samples from top brands. It's the best way to discover new products and buy with confidence. Cost: $20.

17. Zockster. Receive amazing socks to your door, automatically.  All Zockster socks are made from bamboo. Cost: $7.

18. Harry's is a shaving subscription service for men. Every month they send you razors and shave cream. Cost: $16.

19. Grover&Friends  is a men’s clothing subscription box. Each box includes $100+ worth of Grover clothing centered around a theme. Cost: $49.99.

20. BroBox. Unique products made for bros. Cost: $14.95.

21. Kyoku. Subscribe to the Kyoku for Men monthly subscription and receive award-winning skincare, shaving, and grooming products every month. Cost: $29.95 to $59.95.

1. JewelMint is inspired by the runway, vintage jewelry and on-trend celebrity style. Cost: $29.99.

2. Stunner Of The Month. A new pair of shades every month. Cost: $9.

3. LucidBox. 2 pieces of Jewelry every month. Cost: $26.

4. The Twist Band. Hair tie accessories. Cost: $30 for 3 months.

5. MyntBox. Stylish jewelry delivered to your door step. Cost: $33.50.

6. The Trendy Box is the perfect way to be in style at an affordable price. Cost: $25.

7. Fair Treasure brings you ethically sourced treasures from around the world. Cost: $30.

8. RocksBox is a membership-based jewelry styling service. Cost: $19.

9. BezelBox. Beautiful boutique jewelry every month. Cost: $29.97 +shipping.

10. ChicPeek. Jewelry for the perfect you. Cost: $30.

11. House Of Gemmes deliver to your door one amazing box of gems every season! Each delivery will contain at least three stunning pieces of jewelry, perfect for the current season. By the end of your one year membership, you will have received an estimated total value of over $300 worth of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Cost: $149.

12. Bamshell. Accessory box. Cost: $18.99.

13. Cate & Chloe VIP. Receive the latest in jewelry trends every month with a Cate & Chloe VIP subscription box. Cost: $39.99.

1. CandyJapan. Mystery sweets from Japan. Cost: $25.

2. Mexican Candy Box.  Enjoy a surprise selection of sweet & spicy candy from Mexico every month! Cost: $12.

3. HelloMakanaEach month, your Makana will include 3-4 genuine Hawaii products alongside stories about the producers and communities we work with. Cost: $30.

4. SkoshBox delivers monthly straight-from-Japan goods that include candies, snacks, and fun items that are sure to put a smile on your face. Cost: $12.

1. Steepster Select. Subscribe and get 3 pouches of loose-leaf tea every month. Cost: $17.

2. Craft Coffee. Premium beans from top artisan roasters.Cost: $24.99.

3.  JuliBox. Hand selected cocktails. Cost: $40.

4. MistoBox. They hand pick 4 legendary coffees from the country's most awesome coffee roasters. Cost: $19.

5. Tea Sparrow. Upon subscribing, you'll begin receiving your monthly Tea Box: 4 carefully selected teas from around the world. Cost: $20.

6. Handmade Tea. Monthly tea subscriptions for foodies. Cost: $12.95.

7. BrewPony. Never wake up without freshly roasted coffee in your home, ever again. Cost: $25.

8. Amoda Tea. Discover amazing new teas. Cost: $12.

9. Tea Force One. Teas from every corner of the world. Cost: $59.

10. Hamptons Lane helps coffee lovers sample and discover new coffees from the country's top specialty roasters. Cost: $30 +shipping.

11. Tasting RoomStart your subscription with a wine tasting kit and sample 6 mini bottles and let the Tasting Room recommend wines based on your preferences. Then they will ship you a case (12 bottles) of wine every quarter for the full price. Cost: $9.95 for the 6 bottle sampler. $84.49 for the 12 full bottle subscription.

12. Zagat Wine Club. Each season receive a case of 12 wines from Zagat. (You can select red, white, or mixed). The first case is an introductory offer of $69.99 plus $19.99 shipping. (After that each case is $139.99 plus $19.99 shipping).

13. Pressed Juicery delivers cold pressed juices to you once a month. Cost: $160.

14. Regular Coffee sends you a tube of fresh-roasted whole-bean coffee (1.5 lbs.) every month. Cost: $20.

15. Quince&Apple. Once a season (every 3 months), Quince & Apple will ship you a box with all the ingredients needed to make a delicious craft cocktail at home, along with a recipe card and a handy instructional video. All you need to provide is your favorite spirit. Cost: $25.

16. Beer Of The Month Club. Members get twelve, 12-oz. beers from two different lightly distributed U.S. Microbreweries. Cost: $23.95 +shipping.

17. Tonx Coffee is a small team of coffee geeks and experts who think that great coffee should be available to everyone, everywhere, made with confidence in the comfort of your own home. Cost: $12.

1. Just The Right Book. Pick a subscription of 4, 6 or 12 books/yr, hardcover or trade paperback. Cost: depends on how many and what type of books you want. If you want paperback books quarterly it cost $90 +shipping.

2. The Little Book ClubEach month has a different theme, designed to be appropriate for your child's current developmental level. Cost: $24.95.

3. Handpicked Words s a monthly box for book lovers. Cost: $15.

4. Indiespensable delivers the best new books, with special attention to independent publishers. Signed first editions. Inventive, original sets. Exclusive printings.... Every six weeks, another installment to read and admire. Cost: $39.95.

5. Young Authors Treasure Box. Every box tells a story. Cost: $25.

6. Giftlit. Monthly gifts of books. Cost: depends on what package you choose.

1. Art In A Box. Each month of your subscription you will receive an original work of art delivered to your doorstep. Cost: $50.

2. ArtSnacks. A monthly service of the best art supplies. Cost: $20.

3. ArtsicleFind amazing art, direct from the artist's studio. Cost: $25.

4. Papirmasse. Art in the mail. Cost: $60 a year.

1. Hammock Pack. Every box is centered around a themed getaway. Cost: $25 +shipping.

2. RevelryHouse. Ultimate source for stylish entertaining. Cost: $159-$250.

3. Little Miss Goodie BagsThrow an exciting themed party each month with all the decorations and ideas delivered right to your door. Great for family night, playgroups, girls night out, neighborhood block parties, and more. Cost: $34.95 +shipping.

4. Escape Monthly. Vacation in a box. Cost: $49.95.

1. CurlKit is more than just about products, it's an experience and a journey to discovering what it means to have naturally curly hair. Cost: $20.

2. CurlBox is an affordable, Exclusive and effortless way to explore new hair products. You can discover hand-selected curly hair products delivered to your doorstep every month. Cost: $20.

3. DekemDekem. Curly hair products. Cost: $22.95.

4. She Don't Lye created for naturally curly divas. Cost: $20.

5. Curl Collection is the ultimate experience for women and kids with naturally curly hair. Cost: $35.

1. EcoCentric Mom is a fun and smart way to discover healthy, natural and organic products, delivered monthly to your home, exclusively for moms, moms-to-be and baby. Cost: $21.

2. Mamas Got Mail is a monthly subscription service that enables moms to receive fun, thoughtful, surprise physical items each month to support them as moms. Cost: $49.

3. MommeBox. Curated beauty and lifestyle products. Cost: $20.

6. Lucky Mama Boxes. Special deliveries for mamas-to-be. Cost: $20.

7. Supplet. Inside each supplet box is a collection of curated goodies that complement one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Cost: $39.99.

8. Mama Lana Box. Boxes of bliss for the mama-to-be. Cost: $39.

9. 10storksNine monthly boxes optimized for the mom. The tenth box is for the newborn (and it’s free). Cost: $40.

10. Preggonista. Pregnancy style in every box. Cost: $55.

11. Baby Bump BundleFor Mom-to-be - pregnancy products bundled together each trimester. For Baby - a bundle filled with newborn necessities and keepsakes. For Nursing Moms - a special bundle for breastfeeding. Cost: $68.

12. 21Bundles. Hand-selected natural products for moms-to-be. Cost: $39.99.

1. Goodies.Co. Discover new snacks you'll love. Cost: $7.

2. Standard Cocoa. Curated artisanal chocolate. Cost: $27.50.

3. KnoshBox. Monthly subscription for artisan food. Cost: $30.

4. The Jungle Stand. Sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami snacks. Cost: $9.92.

5. Booxify. Gourmet snacks. Cost: $16.

6. OrangeGladA delicious monthly subscription of baked goods & confections. Cost: $21.95.

7. Treatsie helps you find amazing artisan candy and confections you’d normally never find unless you stumbled across the shop. Cost: $15.

8. World Chocolate Club. Every 2 months you will get 2 to 3 bars of carefully selected chocolates with exciting different flavors. Cost: $14.95.

9. Sweet Trunk features new items each month from amazing hand-picked brands. Cost: $29.

10. Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products - anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces - along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions. Cost: $46.95.

11. Vermont Snacks. Vermont's most delicious snacks delivered to you. Cost: $19.

12. Ice Cream Of The Month Club. Ice cream and sorbet delivered to your door. Cost: $125.

13. Chocolate Of The Month Club. Get 1 pound of hand-dipped gourmet chocolate every month. Cost: $34.95.

1. LuvMyBox. Flirty items for sexy time, romance and spicing up your regular routine, delivered discreetly to your door. Cost: $34.95.

2. FantasyBox. Quality products from unique designers. Cost: $34.

3. Dejamor. A gift for your relationship. Cost: $34.95.

4. Spicy Subscriptions. Get monthly romantic surprises to your door, with free and discreet shipping. Cost: $34.95.

5. Dollar Rubber Club. Name brand condoms delivered discreetly to your door. Cost: $10.

6. UnboundBox. Discover new erotic products every 3 month. Cost: $65.

7. TuckinsMonthly. Each monthly box is filled with a sexy outfit, a card with some inspiration, and a few other gifts. Cost: $29.99.

8. The Pleasure Pantry. A once a month kit  full of adult novelties, toys, and lingerie. Cost: $29.

9. BlushBox. Each BlushBox combines sensual and sultry with fun and fashionable to help you indulge your sexy side. Cost: $99.

10. In The Mood. Get a special gift every month with an In the Mood Intimates monthly subscription. Cost: $18-$36.

11. Make It Good. Get a brand new set of underwear for men or women delivered each month with a Make It Good Underwear Monthly subscription. Cost: $54 for 3 months.

1. Nicely Noted. Curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps every month. Cost: $18.

2. My Olive Box. Hand-picked paper & lifestyle products delivered monthly to your door. Cost: $25 +shipping.

3. InkDrops. Stationery by the boxful, dropped through your letterbox. Cost: $11.95 +shipping.

4. TotaPress. Handmade letterpress card subscription. Cost: $10 +shipping.

5. Pretty Power Box provides items that will help you succeed as a business owner and create a healthy balance for your busy life. Cost: $15.

6. HelloLucky. Choose your desired number of months and receive three different mixed occasion letterpress greeting cards right to your door. Cost: $12.

7. Rad And Hungry sells limited-edition office supplies locally sourced from around the world. Cost: $21 +shipping.

8. DarlingDear is a monthly subscription box dedicated to lovely paper bits and office goodies. Cost: $17.

1. CoedSupply. Curated college essentials. Cost: $20.

2. Doteable. Care, packaged. Essentials mailed monthly. Cost: $45.

3. PijonBox. Each box sold helps homeless children in need. Cost: $29.

1. Love My Other BoxA unique date in a box for you to share with a special other. Cost: $20 +shipping.

2. DateliveryGet a planned out, themed date night and complementary items. Cost: $29.

3. TheBouqs. Fresh flowers delivered when you want, anytime you want. Cost: $40.

1. MerchBox is a new way to discover amazing artists before anyone else does. Each month, you’ll receive a Merchbox curated just for you, based on your specific interests. Cost: $10 +shipping.

2. FretLootThe Only Subscription Box Made Just For Guitar and Bass Players Of All ages. Cost: $18.

3. Feed BandsWith Feedbands, you can listen to the music that artists submit to us, vote on your favorites, and see the highest-rated bands get their record pressed. Then, when you subscribe to Feedbands, we ship the record right to your door each month. Cost: $14.95 +shipping.

1. Soap Of The Month Club.  Get a beautifully handcrafted organic all-natural soap every month. Cost: $6.50.

2. BergamotA new way to discover the world’s best fragrances. Cost: $18.

3. Quarterly Food&Home is constantly getting kitchen and domestic inspiration from contributors like Food52 and Veronica Belmont. Cost: $50.

4. Verbal Fancy Box. Curating fun things from all over the world. Cost: $39 +shipping.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box. Get a collection of the coolest products hand-picked by Jennifer Love Hewitt every month. Cost: $46.95.

6. Pink Fancy Box. Get a collection of the coolest products hand-picked by Pink every month. Cost: $46.95.

7. Fancy Box. You will receive a new box with top Fancy goodies each month. Cost: $46.95.

8. Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box. Only A+ stuff will be in this box according to Kutcher. Cost: $46.95.

9. A Kitchen Box is a monthly subscription box made for food lovers and home cooks who want to stay inspired. Each box has a theme and includes everything items like recipes, food, kitchen tools, and pairing suggestions. Cost: $29.67.

10. Tyler Florence Fancy Box. Every month you will get $80+ worth of cooking related products selected by Tyler Florence. Cost: $46.95.

11. FlickerBox. Each Flicker Box contains a variety of artisanal candles delivered right to your doorstep. Cost: $32.

12. My Ireland BoxSurprise yourself, a family member or a friend with a curated box of handmade treasures from Ireland. Cost: around $41.

13. Pharrell Williams think it's important to live each day like a student. Learn new things, exercise your mind and devour culture like an archaeologist. Whether it's a book or something he just think is cool, every item he sends will inspire and feed your curiosity. Cost: $50.

14. Georgia Crafted. Experience what Georgia artisans and our state are all about, without ever having to leave your front door. Cost: $29.99.

15. The Bride BoxSubscribe to The Bride Box now and indulge in a bridal subscription box that remembers that this is your time to enjoy your engagement and love being a beautiful bride to be. Cost: $35.

16. Local Box features a curated collection of Kentucky-made products, limited edition monthly subscription boxes and customizable gift boxes. Cost: $30.

17. SeasonsBox. Each box is uniquely curated with luxurious eco-friendly full size seasonal must-have products. Cost: $34.90.

18. Something Store sends you something, an item selected randomly among many products from their inventory. Cost: $10.

19. LaBella Box is the best way to discover samples of boutique products from entrepreneurs all over the U.S. Join our mission in discovering boutique products below. Cost: $25.

20. Black Premium BoxEach Box will contain new, unique, exclusive, or limited edition products scoured from around the globe; hand-curated, highly-coveted items from labelled goods to literature, tablets to telescopes. Every BlackBox subscriber will qualify to become  a shareholder in iVIP BlackBox Ltd. Your first box will contain your share entitlement certificate, and you’ll become a fully fledged shareholder once you have completed your first year’s membership. Cost: around $1,921 for the premium box.

21. Bug Out Box is a monthly subscription that provides you with the tools you’ll need to survive the next catastrophe. Each box is filled with quality survival gear, handpicked by our trusted preppers, survivalists, and seasoned outdoorsmen. Never fear what’s going to happen— be prepared. Cost: $27.95.

22. Scrubscription is the first nurse-inspired monthly medical scrub delivery service of brand new medical scrubs and pampering products to help you relax, renew and be pampered. Cost: $38.

23. Studio Wed Box is a monthly subscription that will arrive at your door every month and will not only guide you through the wedding planning process, but will spark innovation for your wedding to come. Cost: $39.99.

24. MysteryBox is a unique monthly subscription club where members receive a mystery box filled with fun and strange items. Every month has a different theme. Cost: $29.

25. Phone Case Of The Month. Each package includes a one of a kind phone case as well as neat little surprises such as stickers, temporary tattoos, unicorns, and who knows what else. All cases are for iPhones. Cost: $10.

26. TiqueBox. A piece of Portland and its artisans. Cost: $24.95.

27. Amazon Subscribe&Save. Pick your products and have them shipped to you every month. Cost: depends on what items you choose.

28. Monthly Filter Club. Monthly Filter Club has 66 different filter sizes available and can ship odd sizes not listed on the website at customer request. The hardware store doesn’t stock this many options and a single filter is delivered for less than the equivalent costs at the hardware store. Delivery is free at Monthly Filter Club and our filters are made in the USA. Cost: $16.95+.

As of now, this list consists of 380 different subscription boxes.

 experience, delivered to your door. - See more at:

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  1. Fabulous list! Just wanted to mention that Green Grab Bag closed. Also, maybe I missed it but didn't see Eco-emi, which is green beauty and lifestyle. Also, great Indie boxes are Sampler Zibbet, Out of the Box Sampler, Sampler Village and others!

    1. Thank you for listing the ones I've missed! I added them to the list and will be adding more soon!

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