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We all scoff at those characters in movies who wake up looking gorgeous in every scene. We laugh at the fact that no one could possibly wake up looking so flawless, while secretly feeling envious. However much of a naysayer you claim to be, would you take the steps necessary to ensure you look your best upon waking up in the morning? Here are a collection of nighttime tips that will get you looking radiant right from the get-go.

1.      Use Teabags Before Bed

A common detractor from your natural morning beauty is probably the pesky bags that form under your eyes. A quick way to reduce this problem is placing cold water-soaked tea bags on your eyelids at night. You’ll need to leave them on between ten and fifteen minutes, but this should be long enough to reduce any swelling and moisten up your skin. You’ll notice a difference in the morning after each tea bag application.

2.      Use Castor Oil on Lashes

Before you go to bed, use a Q-tip to coat your eyelashes in castor oil. It will require habitual application over a period of weeks, but this will help your lashes grow thick and long naturally. In the meantime, you’ll awake with a glossy shine to your lashes that will make a big statement even without makeup.

3.      Sleep with Curlers

It’s difficult to wake up with a ready-to-go hairdo, let alone a hairdo that isn’t tangled and frizzy from all-night pillow contact. Try sleeping with curlers in your hair to keep it tight, out of the way, and looking beautiful by the time morning comes. You can use traditional rolling curlers, the more modern headband curling technique, or even just simple braids to hold your hair in place until you can let out its natural waves in the morning.

4.      Put Socks on Your Hands

If you feel self-conscious about your dry hands, try deep-conditioning them over night. Slather your hands in lotion, then place cotton socks over them (held tight by hair elastics at the wrist). This direct contact with lotion will infuse your skin with moisture overnight, leaving your hands baby smooth by the time you wake up.

5.      Get Permanent Makeup Done

This is a more expensive and invasive option, but it’s the perfect way to achieve daily natural beauty. You can have your eye, lip, and scar cover-up makeup done subtly enough that your best features are lightly enhanced, allowing you the freedom to add onto it whenever you please.

6.      Whiten Your Teeth

There are plenty of affordable and easy whitening options, whether it be over-the-counter whitening strips or getting professional work done by a cosmetic dentist in Calgary. However you choose to do it, a bright smile will speak volumes for your appearance without the need for any enhancing makeup.

We all want to feel our best as much of the day as possible, and the morning is a great place to start. These steps are simple, affordable, and well worth the effort; give them a test run, and see how much better you look and feel when you wake up.

Victoria Ramos studied business and now blogs about developments in the field, as well as her other interests. She loves shopping, socializing, hosting parties, decorating, and writing. For more information on whitening services, visit Sunridge Landing Dental Care at their website.

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