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Five of the Most Unique Homes in Movies

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had the kind of life you see in movies? Maybe you think it would be fun to have a soundtrack accompanying all your day-to-day tasks, or you wish everyone you met was incredibly good looking. Others may wish that they could live in some of the fascinating houses. While you probably don’t have the option of living life like a movie character, you can take a few minutes to pretend by imagining life in five of the most unique homes in movies.

The Lord of the Rings

Middle Earth is full of fascinating places, but perhaps the most enticing city is Hobbiton. The green surroundings and cozy feel make it a tempting destination. Bilbo’s home, Bag End, is built into a hill and contains a series of tunnels connecting the rooms.  There is one main circular front door and a few windows. While Bilbo’s home is described as a “hole” because one of the key elements of a hobbit’s life is comfort it is one of the most comfortable homes around.

Blade Runner

The Ennis house doesn’t get a lot of screen time in Blade Runner, but it makes a mark quickly. The home was designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright and is a fascinating example of Mayan revival architecture. Harrison Ford’s character, Rick Deckhard makes the place his home in the classic sci-fi film.

Swiss Family Robinson

If you had a fortunate childhood, maybe you had the chance to play in a tree house. I know when I was younger, treehouses in real life never lived up to my expectations from the movies. One of the coolest movie treehouses is the home in Swiss Family Robinson. The stranded family has to be creative and resourceful, and they end up constructing a home most little kids can only dream of. The house has bedrooms, a kitchen, and even a library. Why did they ever want to leave?

North by Northwest

Unlike the home in Blade Runner, which was a real home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Vandamm house in North by Northwest was a work of fiction. Filmmakers used a clever combination of paintings and practical sets. The home was specifically designed to resemble Wright’s work. The home is luxurious and impressive with a wraparound balcony and many large windows. If the house had been real, the view would have been incredible.


Carl and Ellie’s house in the movie Up seems like a relatively ordinary Victorian house, albeit a little colorful. But when Carl decides he needs to visit Paradise Falls, he makes some extraordinary adjustments. Using thousands of balloons, an old fashioned coffee grinder, and some ropes and sheets for steering, Carl defies physics, turns his house into a flying machine, and takes to the skies. With the help of Russell, he flies the entire house to South America. While gravity might keep you from following his lead, you can imagine soaring through the skies in the comfort of our own home, even if you actually have to remain grounded.
Let the houses in movies inspire you whether you are stuck in the suburbs and redecorating or looking at houses for sale in Toronto or Tallahassee. A little bit of imagination can make your own house more like the ones you see on the screen.

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